Forex Education – Want to Buy Advice? 2 Tips To Help You Get The Best Education

Forex education is vital if you want to succeed but most traders simply have no idea what is good advice and believe advertising copy, but you need to go beyond the copy to get good advice.Most what you need to know is FREE on the net. Let’s look at where to get the best advice to forward your forex education.Tip 1 – Look For ProofDon’t buy an e-book from a vendor on the net unless they present a real time track record that they have made money with their system.There are many e-books sold that use great copy or lies, to appeal to naive investors don’t fall for this – If they have made no money don’t buy their product – period.Most of the systems sold by vendors are junk or you can get the information free on the net anyway – more of that later. Now another important point!Beware of the hypothetical track record this is meaningless.Their done in hindsight knowing the closing prices so of course it’s going to make money but you don’t trade backwards in real life – you trade forwards and that’s much more difficult!Instead of buying overpriced e-books with no evidence of success, go to your bookstore and pick up books from traders who have walked the walk rather than simply talk the talk.Here you can learn from the real pro’s (we have done a top list check out our other articles) and there are some great bargains to be had.Tip 2 Take advantages of FREE SourcesYou can learn forex trading for free and get a forex trading strategy without spending any money.If you are novice trader you will probably want to trade with forex charts and use technical analysis.Just look up the phrase and you will find all you need.The simplest way to trade is using “support and resistance” and a “breakout methodology” so search those two phrases as well.You will need some “momentum indictors” to confirm you’re trading signals so look them up and in particular “Relative Strength Index” and “stochastics”.That will give you a simple powerful method to trade with and give you a forex system based on sound logic.THE BEST FOREX EDUCATIONIs easy to get if you follow the above two tips – All the basics are free and you can get a few good books from the great traders to inspire you and help you – you need spend no more than $100 maximum and you will learn forex trading the right way and get the best forex education.Finally, leave the e-books with their over hyped copy and no proof to the other 95% of forex traders who lose.That’s it good luck and good trading.